A TorontoTutor

Use the links below to locate a tutor in the Toronto area.

Toronto CraigsList
Whiz Kids 920 Yonge Street, Suite 802 416 926 0616 hr@whizkids.ca>
Kumon Math and Reading Centers multiple-see website 877-586-6673
Find a Tutor Canada
Pre-U Education Centre 416-512-9946 info@pre-u.ca
e-tutor.com online only
Expert Bee online only
Interactive Math Tutor online only
Mister Tutor online only 902-755-3074 mistertutor@mistertutor.ca
Computer and Math Tutoring online only 1 (416) 823-1458 manager@nationtutor.com
Online Math Tutoring online only (614) 876-5088 tutor@ay4web.com
Tutor Vista online only 1-866-735-0516 info@tutorvista.com
Sylvan Learning Centers Online online only

As part of the mission of alocaltutor.com to provide resources to the populace of Toronto, the above links and contact data are there for you. Valuable test-taking and learning tools are available via the links at the top of the page, to help students succeed at exams such as the SAT and the GRE. We appreciate your patronage of our sponsors. Thank you. Please note that inclusion of links on this website by which contact with tutors may be facilitated does not constitute any sort of endorsement of any of those tutors. We have not met them; we have only seen their websites, and we therefor cannot take responsibility for their characters, or their skills.